Data for Marbella is very encouraging

29 August 2014

Marbella has seen a significant growth in the number of tourists visiting the town during the month of July with an increase of 10% over the same month last year, according to the National Statistics. Marbella has had a very strong recovery in the domestic tourism sector, seeing an increase of 12%, which is excellent when considering the poor figures on a national level throughout Spain in recent times.

Having also noted the increase in international tourism, 8.92% and of overnight stays with an increase of 6.28%, the head of Tourism for Marbella said that “there was growth both in the number of visitors and overnight stays that improves total figures for data recorded in Andalusia and the Costa del Sol’s area”.

Marbella has thus been experiencing an excellent tourism year, with a recovery with numbers that go back to those obtained back in 2005, before the start of the economic crisis that hit Spain. The Town Council has wanted to transfer the reputation of Marbella back to its pre-crisis standing as the number one premier resort in Spain.

Moreover, the Tourism Delegate explained that growth “has been very important in all markets, but this year it was especially good in domestic tourism as well as Arab and French tourism groups”. The good results are part of a trend that started in 2013, which is not only consolidated, but also accelerating. The tourism year is working far above expectations at the beginning of the year, while the forecasts for the rest of the year are also very positive, with a progressive lengthening of the summer season transferring well into October.

Aside from this, the Tourism Delegate has stressed that the rise experienced not only took place in number of tourists, but also in the quality and this translates into the fact that the higher occupancy rates are taking place in the higher rated hotels.

Along with these encouraging figures, there has also been an increase in the satisfaction level of the people who visit Marbella. Trip-advisor has awarded Marbella the best sun and beach destination in Spain, as a result of the town’s very positive visitors feedback.

This all points towards Marbella being very well positioned in tourism matters and the town has regained its former prestige both in the national and international markets. The Tourism Delegate stated that "this encourages us to keep making the extra effort so that in the future we can continue to take advantage of the growth margin we have at present”. Marbella Taxis has also experienced an outstanding summer so far in terms of transfers from Malaga airport, with record figures for online bookings to date in 2014.