Marbella tourists spend big
According to a report released by Mr A Bernal, a leading manager of the Tourist Board of the Malaga’s Costa del Sol, there are 28 five-star hotels offering luxury accommodations in the province of Malaga, with an annual average of just over 500.000 guests. In addition, Mr Bernal has pointed out that the spending power
A healthy August in Marbella
Today, the Councilor for Tourism, José Luis Hernández, held a meeting with the president of the Association of Hoteliers of the Costa del Sol (Aehcos), José Carlos Escribano to evaluate this summer’s season data and the incidence of the Assumption’s four day holiday on the summer’s data. The councilman pointed out that “the repositioning of
Marbella tops wellness tourism
A new comprehensive medical center, “Life & Sun Gran Meliá Don Pepe”, was inaugurated last Thursday. The new facility offers medical services, spa and gym in the same space. The opening event was presided by Marbella’s town mayor Angeles Muñoz. Rafael Gallego, President of the Spanish Employers’ Association (CEAV) also attended the event. Ms. Muñoz
Changes in Marbella tourism?
“It used to be a quiet and luxurious resort town on the Mediterranean coast, with a boardwalk lined with luxury brand shops for the wealthy. Now, Marbella is changing their tourism policy by seeking revenue from basic tourism leisure activities, sun and beach, like other coastal towns such as Benidorm. They are leaving behind the
Prices in Marbella are now lower
It seems that the economy is finally taking a turn for the better. That’s what the statistics seem to be  showing at least and maybe why many of the main tourist locations in Spain are becoming a bit more expensive, rather than cheaper. Well, at least the classy, posh places seem to be more expensive